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Visual Editor for AML®
Program Updates

The latest version is 1.1a (June 21, 1999)
  • AML Library - Shortcut Keys added
  • List of known commands - MarkerAngle added
  • AML Format function - leaves first line of the AML intact
  • Routine Library - quirks removed

The latest version is 1.1 (March 8, 1999)
  • Code Color Dialog - more colors to choose from, better interface
  • Routine Library - For truly modular coding, save and retrieve your frequently used routine code. Don't rewrite it, just insert it in your AML from the library.
  • Custom Headers - define a header once, the way you or your organization want it, new AMLs will have it automatically, or you can insert your default header in existing AMLs.
  • Auto Update Headers - define your header sections, and update them automatically with calls, routines, variables, modifications date, and many more elements directly from the AML. A great documentation time saver.
  • Auto-Populate the AML library - select multiple AMLs from a directory and load them all into the AML Library for future searches.
  • Now VA tracks Symbol Sets - easy reference and navigation to every symbol set used in your AML.
  • List all files referenced in your AML that are missing or can't be found
  • Locate non printing characters that shouldn't be in an AML
  • Variable Check - Check and correct variables that are misspelled or are not initialized
  • Improved AML Library search, including: date, size, name and keywords
  • The lists of AML elements that VA tracks can now be sorted alphabetically or as the elements occur in the AML.
  • The Shift+Backspace shortcut (clears to the start of a line) has been changed to Ctrl+Backspace
  • Reoccurring sub-AMLs are now properly tracked in the lists
  • Speed of some functions has been improved
  • Several bugs and quirks have been removed
  • Several minor interface enhancements have been made

Version 1.05 (May 29, 1998)
  • Menu Items added for New AML and New Text File
  • Copy List contents to clipboard
  • Loop Indentation routine improved
  • Line Numbering improved
  • Various minor bugs corrected

Version 1.04 (April 20, 1998)
  • Supports AMLs over 32 kbytes
  • Enable / Disable Colored Text. For very large AMLs, load time is improved when AML code is not color coded.
  • Automatic timed backup - bug removed

Version 1.03 (March 12, 1998)
  • Removed minor and obscure bug in the Replace routine
  • Support file (comctl32.ocx) updated
  • User selectable number (from 2 to 10) of most recent AML files are tracked. Previously, only the last 4 AMLs edited were listed.

Version 1.02 (March 3, 1998)
  • Properly saves files when multiple files are open and the auto-save and backup-on-save features are enabled
  • Launching AMLs from the Windows Explorer now works consistently
  • Pressing the Enter key in the first line of an AML no longer causes an error
  • Save sub-files in Windows and UNIX format (text, key, and menu files)
  • Right click on an AML or sub-file to access a popup menu of handy editing tools (Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Select Line, Select All, Block Comment)