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VA made the top ten!

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Visual Editor for AML®

If you are an ARC/INFO user, you need the utility to assist with the development of automatic routines and procedures. Visual Editor for AML (VA) is a Windows text editor designed for ARC/INFO AML files. It will improve your efficiency, effectiveness and creativity. VA does the tedious part so you can focus on the actual task at hand.
VA version 1.1 is finally here!
Check out whats new at the VA Updates Page

VA is a 32 bit Windows 95/NT program
Currently, there are no plans for a UNIX version

Visual Editor for AML - Features:

File Management
  • Create and maintain lists of all coverages, sub files, routines, variables, symbol sets, labels & comment lines in each opened AML
  • Open any sub file from the lists for viewing and editing
  • Quickly find AMLs using keywords with the AML Library
  • Save files in UNIX or DOS format

  • Find and search-and-replace
  • Select lines by line number
  • Jump to any label or comment line in the file
  • Set unique colors for the page, remarks, functions, variables, labels and other code

  • Give you control over all aspects of printing your AMLs
  • Automatically print out a function key template

  • 'Comment' (/*) and 'unComment' multiple lines of an AML with the Block-Comment Command
  • Assign commonly used multiple line text strings to function keys
  • Easily format your AML to make it easier to read

More Features
  • Find non-ARC/INFO commands, ambiguous and truncated commands (directives & functions)
  • Provide direct and fast access to on-line help for all ARC/INFO commands (syntax and use)
  • Provide complete on-line help, cut, copy paste, arrange windows, set fonts, set colors...

The following table represents the menu structure of VA
File Edit Search Tools Settings Window Help
New AML Undo Find Refresh Lists Font... Tile Horizontal Contents
New Text File Cut Find Next Command Check Colors... Tile Vertical Search
Open... Copy Replace... Routine Library... Set F2-F10... Cascade Arc Doc
Save Paste Find Line Number Check File Locations Define Header... Arrange Icons About VA
Save As... Block Rem Add Header AML Formatting...
Recall AML l> Select All Update Header Preferences...
AML Library... Time Stamp
Import Watch...
Print Setup...
Page Settings...
Close AML

The Button Bar What and Where are the important components of your AML

The Speed Bar Quick access to commonly used features

VA requires Windows 95 or NT and is intended to work with ARC/INFO 7.1x for NT
(although it will save AMLs in both Unix and DOS format, for UNIX users with access to a Windows computer.)

ARC/INFO is a registered trademark of Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc.