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Visual Editor for SML® - version 1.3
Visual Editor for SML is a Windows text editor designed for PC Arc/Info's Simple Macro Language files, specifically aimed at SMLs that produce maps. If you write and modify SML's in the Windows environment, VS will improve your efficiency & effectiveness.

Visual Editor for SML allows you to:
  • Open multiple SML and sub-files in each editor session
  • Create and maintain lists of all coverages, sub files, variables, labels and comment lines for each SML
  • Open any sub file from the lists for viewing and editing
  • Unpack covers directly from the coverage list or automatically
  • Jump to any label or comment line in the file
  • Easy formatting for clearer SML's
  • Find non-Arc/Info commands, ambiguous and truncated commands
  • Create lookup tables based on existing attribute files
  • Expand commands to their full name for clearer and more consistent SML's
  • Quickly access on-line help for all Arc/Info commands (syntax and use)
  • Assign commonly used text strings to function keys
  • Automatically print out of a function key template
  • Block Rem - 'rems' out multiple lines of an SML with one command, 'unrems' also
  • Set your own names for Arc/Info commands with Command Alias Editor
  • Save and run the sml with one click using Quick Start Mode
  • Build Key Files from the sml with graphical layout
  • Find your old smls quickly with the Library feature
  • Arc Help Quick reference printouts
  • Save multiple lines to the function keys
  • Find and search-and-replace
  • Select lines by line number
  • Time Stamp
  • Control over all aspects of printing
  • Complete on-line help
  • Cut, copy paste, arrange windows, set fonts, set colors...

Now compatible with PC Arc/Info version 3.5
New Features in Version 1.32

  • Support of projection macro files
  • &setkey now recognizing sub-smls
  • Popup menus recognized as sub-files
  • Command Check now has 'Replace All' option
  • minor corrections and fixes

Visual Editor for SML is distributed as evaluation software. This version is fully functional and identical to the registered version but is limited to 1k SML files

To upgrade the trial version to an unrestricted one, go to the 'Order' section and complete the order form. We will send you your password to unlock your copy once we recieve payment. All updates to the software will be free for a year to registered users. The program requires Windows 3.1 or 95 and the Visual Basic Run Time Module (VBRUN300.DLL)The total file size is 850 kbytes

PC ARC/INFO is a registered trademark of Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc.