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The Advanced documentation tool for ArcView Projects

What is ProDoc?
ProDoc is an ArcView Extension designed to assist in documenting and organizing ArcView Project files. ProDoc harnesses the documenting features available in ArcView by providing a convenient and efficient documenting environment. There are three basic part to the ProDoc extension: the Comment Editor, the Summary Report Writer and the Project Library.

The Comment Editor allows reading and editing comments for every document in you project in one easy to manage form. You can immediately see which documents have comments and which need them. Select multiple documents in the list and replace or add to the existing comments. You can also define default comments for each document type. These are automatically added to newly created views, themes, tables, layouts (yes, you can add comments to layouts), charts, scripts, even new projects!

The Summary Report Writer Generates an HTML format report viewable with any web browser. The report contains information on just about every aspect of the ArcView project, including a summary of the project and details on every document in it. The report can be easily browsed with extensive hyper links and can be formatted for printing for paper copy. Layouts and Views are optionally incorporated into the report

The Project Library is a searchable catalog of all the ArcView projects documented by ProDoc. From the Library, you can list every entry or search by file date, size, or project contents (comments, documents, etc). Sort the search results by name, date and size or delete entries from the library that are no longer needed. The Library listing also allows a Project's Summary report to be viewed by your favorite browser or opened and run in ArcView.

How do you use ProDoc?
ProDoc can be loaded any time during the life of a project. It can be loaded once the project is completed and needs to be archived. Using the Comment Editor, comments for the entire project can be reviewed, and edited. Then ProDoc can add the project to the Project Library and create a complete Summary Report in HTML format. If the ProDoc extension is loaded at the outset of a project, it will provide aid in commenting, adding default comments to each newly created document in the project, reviewing theme metadata files, tracking how long the project has been worked on, reviewing other projects Summary Reports.

ProDoc Features:
  • List all projects in the Library
  • Sort the Library listing on name, date or file size
  • Display the Summary Reports for any files listed in the Library
  • Open any files listed in the Library in ArcView
  • Delete unwanted entries from the Library
  • Automatically add default comments to all newly created documents, themes and projects
  • View and edit comments for every document in the project in one convenient location
  • At a glance, see which documents are documented
  • Summary Reports are formatted as easy to read tables or in condensed format for printing
  • Summary Reports can include only specified document types (ie: views and layouts but no charts or scripts)
  • Layouts that have view frames in draft mode are added to the Summary Report visibly (not as gray boxes)
  • Track the time a project is open (this information is added to Reports)
  • Directory location to store the Library and Report files
  • Default Browser to be used (ie: Netscape)
  • Summary Report color scheme (white, gray, yellow, blue or green)
  • Summary Report document types to include (Project, View, Layout, Table, Chart, Script)
  • Option to automatically update the library and report when the project is closed
  • Help information for all dialogs
  • Yellow 'hover help' information for all dialog controls
  • View and navigate theme documentation files (filename.met) - if extant


What gets added to the ArcView interface 3 Buttons in the Project Window and one item in the View Menu - Simple, uncluttered and effective

ProDoc is a standard ArcView extension and requires nothing special. It is designed to work with ArcView 3.x. Exporting of Layouts and Views is only available for users of version 3.1 and higher.

Cost and Ordering
ProDoc is distributed by Spatial Online. At their site a fully functional demo is available for download and evaluation. The product can be ordered using credit card online via their secure server. The cost is $99 (USD)

ArcView is a registered trademark of Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc.