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ProDoc Now Available

For Immediate Release
October 17, 1998

[Brattleboro, Vermont] --- Cartographic Technologies Inc (CTI) announces the release of ProDoc, a unique ArcView extension that assists in documenting and organizing ArcView project files. ProDoc harnesses the documenting features available in ArcView and adds robust librarian-like features to provide a convenient and more efficient documenting environment.

There has been a lot of work in documenting spatial data sets (metadata), but we needed a way to document our work in ArcView as well, according to David Greenewalt, lead developer for Cartographic Technologies, Inc. "We see all sorts of projects from various organizations, including our own, and it is difficult to determine what is important or not." As a beta tester, Jeff Nugent, a GIS Planner noted, "My initial reaction was very cool! It's just what I've been looking for (sounds like some sappy TV advertisement slogan, I know)."

Jon Caris, President of CTI, explains "If you work for an organization that gets repeat requests for maps or analysis, or if part of your mission includes documenting your work, supplying freedom of information requests, etc. then ProDoc is for you. ProDoc helps find ArcView projects quickly and then shows the user what he or she did and why they did it!"

Since documenting can be tedious and time consuming, ProDoc is designed simply, with many user settings available that speed up the documentation process. There are three basic parts to the ProDoc extension: the Comment Editor, the Summary Report Writer and the Project Library. Again, Jeff Nugent may have said it best: "I'd say ProDoc is very easy to understand and use. Wicked easy, as they say 'round these parts."

The Comment Editor allows reading and editing comments for every document in you project in one easy to manage form. You can immediately see which documents have comments and which need them. Select multiple documents in the list and replace or add to the existing comments. You can also define default comments for each document type. These are automatically added to newly created views, themes, tables, layouts (yes, you can add comments to layouts with ProDoc), charts, scripts, even new projects!

The Summary Report Writer Generates an HTML format report viewable with any web browser. The report contains information on just about every aspect of the ArcView project, including a summary of the project and details on every document in it. It even contains a record for how long a user has worked on the project. The report can be easily browsed with extensive hyper links and can be formatted for printing for paper copy. Layouts and Views are optionally incorporated into the report.

The Project Library is a searchable catalog of all the ArcView projects documented by ProDoc. From the Library, you can list every project or search by file date, size, or project contents (comments, documents, etc). Sort the search results by name, date and size or delete entries from the library that are no longer needed. The Library listing also allows a Project's Summary report to be viewed by your favorite browser or opened and run in ArcView.

Caris sums it up saying "our goal is to provide easy to use software that helps users organize their GIS. With ProDoc, we feel we hit the target."

Cartographic Technologies, Inc. specializes in bringing spatial analysis to those that traditionally do not have access to GIS. CTI also develops practical and useful software applications for the GIS professional.

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