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In some cases, CTI can't do a project alone. In such situations we call on the expertise of our friends and colleagues. here are some of the professionals we work with:

Dr. Thomas L. Millette, Mount Holyoke College

Thomas Millette is a geoprocessing and resource specialist with broad research interests from the applications of remote sensing and GIS to environmental monitoring and management. Dr. Millette has applied image processing of multispectral satellite data to a wide variety of environmental assessments including urban non-point pollution modeling in the industrial Midwest, land cover change in rural New England, forest and land use planning in Vermont, and agricultural expansion and deforestation in the Himalayas of Nepal. In additional to developing and directing one of the fastest growing remote sensing and GIS labs in New England, Dr. Millette is a Research Associate of the George Perkins Marsh Institute of Clark University and a member of the Technical Advisory Board of the Vermont GIS.

Gary Smith, Green Mountain GeoGraphics

Green Mountain GeoGraphics, Ltd. (GMGG) was founded in October 1988 and is the oldest GIS service firm in Vermont. It was founded to provide GIS software, support and training to all members of the Vermont community. GMGG is an authorized ESRI Dealer and training organization. While training and support have been the hallmark of GMGG, special emphasis is placed on image integration (particularly orthophotos), terrain analysis and a growing 3-D visualization need and opportunity. Green Mountain GeoGraphics also brings a thorough understanding of the commercial printing steps required to bring GIS data to the four color press. This experience comes from participation in the creation of the current Official Vermont State Map, a color shaded relief map of Vermont and other products available to the public.

Robert Turner, RJ Turner Company
RJ Turner Company (RJTCo) is a small consulting firm dedicated to the collection, management and analysis of natural resource information. Established in 1989, the company has undertaken a variety of projects that apply spatial, economic, and statistical analysis to the needs of clients. Specific services include: GPS data collection and mapping of trails, wetlands, wildlife habitat, property boundaries and other land features; updates of parcel maps for municipalities; real estate appraisal of forest and other special resource properties; and community and economic development consulting for regions and municipalities who wish to encourage the prudent and sustainable use of their natural environment. Both GPS and GIS play an important role as tools that compliment more conventional analytical methods used to solve land-based problems. RJTCo pioneered the use of code-based GPS in this state as early as 1989 and has consistently demonstrated its cost-effectiveness as the technology has matured.

Eric Edelstein, Edelstein Technology Group

Eric Edelstein is the President and Founder of Edelstein Technology Group, Inc. (1997), a private advisory firm focusing on commercial applications of spatial data integration, support infrastructures, analytical business geography and World Wide Web Internet site designs, implementation and management.

Archer Mayor, Novelist

Archer has been variously employed as a scholarly editor, a political advance man, a theater photographer, a newspaper writer/editor, and a medical illustrator. He is the author of over half a dozen, critically acclaimed Joe Gunther mystery novels. In his most recent mystery, Joe Gunther solicits the talents of Cartogtaphic Technologies in a careful blend of fiction and reality.