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MenuMaker is a Windows program designed to simplify the process of creating custom PC Arc/Edit digitizer menus.

The digitizer menu is an extremely effective tool for efficient use of PC Arc/Edit during digitizing sessions. The ability to create custom menus is an obvious extension and enhancement of this tool. Unfortunately, the production of a custom menu is where the fun ends. Creating menus with Dbase or Tables and graph paper can be, to say the least, tedious. Using this method to create or change a large file soon becomes more trouble than it is worth.

This program builds both parts of a digitizer menu. The first is the command database, used by ArcEdit as the source of menu commands. The second is the menu template which contains the layout of the menu and can be printed and later attached to the digitizer.

The MenuMaker screen represents a 7 1/2 x 10 inch drawing area. 'Command boxes' are added from a preset listing of ArcEdit commands. Custom commands can be created and modified as well, by modifying existing menu items. Printed output of the menu template is directed to the installed Windows printer.

MenuMaker is distributed as evaluation software. This version is fully functional and identical to the registered version but will create menus with no more than 15 command items.

To upgrade the trial version to an unrestricted one, go to the 'Order' section and complete the order form. We will send you your password to unlock your copy once we recieve payment. All updates to the software will be free for a year to registered users.