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CTI chooses to remain a small and flexible company to maximize interaction and synergy between ourselves and the groups we work with. The result is focused service and sensitivity to details necessary in the GIS industry. One of CTI's primary objectives is to provide custom computer programming and applications at a reasonable cost. Our programming services revolve around core GIS technology. This often makes GIS more usable and effective for the user.

CTI's principals have over twenty five years combined experience and have worked together over twelve years in the GIS and Cartography fields. CTI's broad range of experience spans both the public and private sectors.

David Greenewalt
David combines a strong technical background with a broad artistic palette to create some of CTI's most exciting products. Computer programming and cartographic design are two of David's specialties. The combination of these specialties ensures unique and high quality products for our clients.
David is also the primary application developer and develops third party applications for leading GIS software programs.

Susan Boswell
Susan provides skills in technical operation, planning and management of GIS projects. Susan's strong cartographic background and sense of style ensure effective map communication for our clients. Susan's excellent analytical capabilities and good understanding of the operation of private business help both small and big corporations meet their objectives.